Here are some examples of my Gay Erotic art.

The works are for sale, or available as prints ( For £15 plus P &P )

Christmas Fairy-Computer Art

Print only £15 (+P&P)

Finland Hussar

Pencils £40 (+P&P)

Based on a drawing by Tom of Finland

Gay sketch 1 

From my sketch book

Gay sketch 2 

From my sketch book

Lie Back, Judge Alvin

Judge Alvin is a character from my comic  'Bright Judges'.

A cleaner version of this Sequence that also featured on my blog

Blond Erect (Fimo) £12.50  (+P & P)


Inks £55

Sofa Sex

Pencils £55

Slave table

Pencils £55

Leather Slave

Fimo £15.00

Elf Threeway

Pencils £65

 Blonds  At Playtime (computer Art) Print Only £15

Great Blond! (Computer Art) Print Only £15

Vibro Bound (computer Art) Print Only

This is a Computer Art sequence. 

' Steampunked'

'Steampunked Hard'

'Steampunked Harder'

Steampunked Sequence ( Computer Art) Print Only

Bound Blond ( pencils) £55

Lycra ( acrylic) £65

Blond Blow ( pencils) £45

Bars (pencil) £35

  Autoerotic (pencils) £35 ( after John Blackburn)

The Prince

Inspired by Tom of Finland's sequential drawings.

Set of seven prints  £40 plus P &P

individual prints £10 plus P&P

 Originals  not for sale